June 4, 2023


EXTREME ROOM MAKEOVER // in which i redo my room.

filmed on march 27- 29th, and april 1st.

hey y’all,

here is my room makeover video! i tried to film and edit it asap bc i didn’t wanna film other videos in an ugly room lol. i also really wanna do a quarantine closet clean-out in the near future so look out for that one!

also i tried to channel my inner ashley from bestdressed bc her home improvement videos are literally my favorite! ashley, if u see this i hope i did u proud :))

-love, leah

where else to find me on the interwebs:

email… contactleahlorraine@gmail.com
tiktok… https://vm.tiktok.com/cpeN17/

some frequently asked questions:

-how old are you? i am 19!!
-when is your birthday? july 12th!
-what is your ethnicity? i am chinese :))
-what camera do you use? i mainly use a canon g7x mark ii or a canon rebel sl2, but i occasionally use my t3i as well!
-what school do you go to? i am currently in my second year at san diego state university!!
-what do you study? i am a marketing major with a minor in political science!
-where are you from? chicago, illinois!

thanks again for watching :)))))))



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