Basement Renovation

Basement Design Tips from Lowe’s Creative Tips


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Jeni Wright from the Lowe’s Creative Tips staff talks about the enjoyment tasks she produced to bring the things of nature into an wonderful basement makeover. Uncover venture details in this article:

This dated basement started its makeover with new drywall and a fresh new coat of paint. Jeni included fake stone and a mantle to the fire. To disguise the flat screen tv, she produced sliding artwork on a observe.

Jeni also produced a table for the bar out of hollow main doorways and fake wooden laminate. The exact approach was employed to generate a basic stacking espresso table.

Make enjoyment, easy artwork by reducing dowels at different angles, sizes and lengths to generate fake branches to dangle on the wall. Make leaves from plastic flashing and blend colors of spray paint to make a stunning pure-seeking finish.

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