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Bathtub Refinishing
Is your bathtub an hideous colour, tricky to clean up or weakened? Wonder System can maintenance and refinish your existing bathtub building it search and experience like new. It will be all set to use in just 24-48 hrs. The cost of refinishing is incredibly inexpensive. In reality you save up to 75% around the cost of ripping out and replacing your tub.

Wonder System is not painting your tub. We use large tech acrylic resins that bond to your tub giving it a attractive and strong end. Building guaranteed the bond is robust is so critical to us that we formulated our personal proprietary bonding agent named MM-four. Surfaces that are silky easy and very long long lasting are two of the things that make Wonder System the favored refinisher. In reality refinishing will lengthen the daily life of your tub for ten-fifteen a long time or more.

We solve a assortment of bathtub challenges like:
Hideous colour – drained of that avocado eco-friendly tub? Let us refinish it to shiny white.
Difficult to clean up and stained tubs – if you just can not get your tub clean up, simply call us. Odds are the surface area is worn and just requirements to be refinished.
Clawfoot Bathtubs – We can restore your antique to its authentic glory.
Chips and Cracks – We can maintenance your chips and cracks. Find out more about our fiberglass tub maintenance.
Absence of time & finances for transforming – Get the search and experience of new at a fraction of the cost and none of the demolition mess!

We refinish all kinds of bathtubs like fiberglass, porcelain, forged iron, acrylic, cultured marble and clawfoot tubs. We can even refinish your jetted tubs!

Are you all set for a transform in your lavatory? Get in touch with Wonder System for a free of charge estimate.

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