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Kitchen area and Bath Concepts Resurfacing. Modest lavatory concepts. Tiles, formica and bathtubs. You will come across it all here. Such as lavatory remodel, clawfoot tub, and lavatory renovations. Like lavatory tile concepts. Shower stalls even backsplash concepts. Granite worktops and lavatory decorating concepts. Modest bathrrom patterns, tile paint, rebath.. Evertyhting from kitchen remodeling and reliable surface area counterops. Loads of lavatory photos. Perfect for household renovations. Modest lavatory even lavatory remodeling. Shower stalls. Wonder approach. Counter prime.

Surface Magic specializes in lavatory renovations and lavatory makeovers. To Bathroom showers and Kitchen area counter refinishing. Surface Magic llc serves all of WNY which includes Buffalo NY and Niagara Falls NY locations.

For a Free estimate remember to call 716-381-5607.
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