Kitchen Cabinet

self-importance make-in excess of: removing of plastic melamine cabinet fronts, paint and antique

melamine cabinets warp, crack and raise with age . . . just eliminate the plastic and paint then antique for a stunning makeover! It truly is so quick!
any oil dependent paint will do to tint your oil dependent glaze (fifty-fifty)
in this article I am using Benjamin Moore, Studio Finishes, Alkyd Glaze-clear


  1. Won't water soaking through make the doors swell once the thermofoil has been removed? how do you protect from water damage?

  2. After researching for a couple of days on how to paint my melamine cabinets from white to black, I have found my solution!! Thank you very much. If you could help this novice that would be greatly appreciated. So all i have to do is prime the pressed particle board and paint in the color of my choice? The laminate box (mine is white) just needs a good cleaning and then paint? Do you have a preference in paint brand?

  3. Wow, like I needed to say it… excellent make over!

  4. Amazing job! I'm thinking about tackling my kitchen and bathrooms that are melamine. I didn't see you remove the melamine from the top "false drawers" (I'm not sure what they are called) and the cabinets, is that not necessary? Also do I need to sand? Thank you for any advice you can give!


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