Bathroom Remodeling

Fiberglass Tape for Drywall Set up – Bathroom Reworking Undertaking

If you’re scheduling on drywalling a space in your household, rest room remodeling challenge, kitchen area or even a space addition and you have never ever accomplished it prior to, it would not be a lousy plan to observe this video and other folks like it for far more info and recommendations on setting up and ending drywall. Check out for our videos on household repairs and remodeling and stick to along with us as we function on diverse projects above the many years.


  1. If it's your first drywall job, the fiber tape will probably be your best bet. I like using paper tape for corners, but if you use it, make sure that every square inch of the paper tape is covered with joint compound, otherwise it will separate later from the wall, leaving you second guessing, whether or not you should have just used the fiber tape. Good luck on your project.

  2. I actually was wondering if the fiber tape I got was worth anything, so it's good to see somebody else using it. It seems hard to cover. This is my first drywall job and I'm learning.


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