Room Remodeling

Home Reworking – Developing the Workroom

↣↣↣HOME MAKEOVER| Developing the Workroom↢↢↢
Understand how to make my yummy chocolate drink as perfectly as watch us get commenced on the first room of the home! I refer to this as my DIOR Home. The complete room will be developed base on the home of dior topic. As soon as the paint goes on it will be pretty!!!! But you can see that in afterwards online video. For now take pleasure in and never ignore to share this online video and examine out more mature ones.

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  1. #Leanne Anderson wow…loving the design 👍👍 btw u look so good without makeup.😍 @joetta Stevens

  2. My buddy just had the best workroom remodeled all by

  3. That restaurant is just a few blocks from my home! This is the first time I've found someone on YouTube from Boston and Dorchester…small world. Chris is a hard worker and your home will be beautiful.

  4. I use the Passport hard drive as well. That same model. Never had a problem, light weight, easy, very portable.

  5. No doubt in my mind that you appreciate your man's abilities and skills. Love this video.


  7. Why would you cut your hair?

    I honestly paused and drool for 5 mins at the beginning of the video. I love your twist on the hot chocolate! I thought I was the weirdo that adding candies into my hot drink. You should try adding picky next time, it is amazing 🙂 I don't know why I'm even watching this when I know I won't be able to do it irl since I'm really clueless about this. But man I do love the new wall mould. It is a refreshing design.

  8. love the new house! and WD hard drives are amazing, ive had my 3TB for years and it's NEVER failed me…sometimes i wish i got the 2TB because i just never use all 3!

  9. You are such an inspirstion to me and an amazing role model. I really look up to you. So thanks for all you do. I wish you guys the best. God bless 🙂

  10. because it's too big. lol

  11. U guys are so cute together. <3 And he bought you a good drive, with my experience, WD My Passport never fails.

  12. is your hubby an Engineer? btw super love that wall cant wait to see the out come 😊

  13. Really love seeing this no make up side of beautiful 😊 love these videos

  14. I've been watching your videos since you made the one about bra talk! Which helped me out so much! Lol but super happy and excited for you and the fiance!! House is looking gorgeous and cant wait to see more!

  15. I'm excited to see your finished house!!!

  16. GORG!!! Can't wait for the final result.

  17. I love the wall! Watching your videos inspired me to design my house like yours. 🙂

  18. Damn chris is such a hard worker! The wd external hard drive is really good. I have like 3 of them been using them for years.

  19. I love these videos I recently bought a house and you inspire me to try some of this stuff out. Your house will be beautiful!

  20. beautiful home

  21. It's beautiful! Can't wait to see the outcome of the house!

  22. I love watching your home makeover videos. Your husband is so good at what he's doing. I've been looking forward to this episode. Can't wait for the next one.

  23. My passport works really well as an external hard drive. 🙂 your house is going to be very beautiful.

    why would you cut your hair?


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