Kitchen Remodeling

This is how easy it is to remodel a kitchen | DIY at it’s best

The kitchen remodeled started with a question, granite or cement countertops. We decided on cement countertops for a few reasons. They are DIY friendly, the cost was a lot less, the cement edge profile comes in many different shapes and they are very soft to the touch.

The contrast of cement on our kitchen countertops and Walnut on our custom island makes for a very unique look. The white tiles are nice but they just lack character.

Our kitchen remodel starts out with a few hours of demo. We took up our excising white tiles on our kitchen cabinets and removed my tile backsplash. The garbage disposal and kitchen sink where the last to be removed. Next, we laid down the backer boards and screwed the cement forms in place. I mixed the cement and sand in the garage in a large bucket. I used less water so that the concrete would have a clay-like feel and dry faster.

Installing the concrete took a few hours and included a look of hand packing and leveling with a variety of cement tools like the wood float and finishing trowel. The concrete countertops dried in 2 days and I released the cement edge profile forms and used slurry to fill in the voids. Next, I start sands down the cement countertops with diamond pads ranging form 50 grit, 100 grit, 200 grit, 400 grit and finished it to a fine smoothness with the 800 grit diamond pad. I used a high gloss sealer to finish the job. Installed our backsplash and the kitchen remodel was done.

The cement ratio I used was 2 part sand 1 part cement and 1 part small pebble rock. I didn’t use a lot of water because I went with a dry mixture, my cement came out resembling clay.

Customized kitchen Island

Diamond Pads

Cement mixer

Finishing trowel

Cement magnesium trowel

Cement countertop sealer

DIY cement countertop book

Z countertop forms


  1. The transformation is fantastic. Great video 🙂

  2. Totally transformed the look of your kitchen, plus you have the satisfaction of doing it yourself. Happy wife, happy life, well done…

  3. Glad I am subscribed! You have many skills/talents etc as well as your family! I am learning more and more

  4. A true renaissance man..thank you for the videos


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