Kitchen Remodeling

SES Builders with tips on how to remodeling a kitchen or bathroom

Tip number 1: make sure the kitchen is well designed, which means that the sink, stove and the refrigerator, are within 11 feet max from each other in total.

tip number 2 don’t get wacky- have the same colors for faucets. lets say one type of grey and another type of grey can work out together , But we don’t recommend choosing different colors such as black and gold in the same space. try to match colors as much as possible. Also- make sure that if in one space you have square shapes go for square shape for the rest of the space- wether it’s a bathroom or a kitchen.

tip number 3: floor- don’t use wood or laminate floor in the kitchen or bathroom area: moisture of water spills this type of flooring will not be able to handle with this type of floor. Tile will be your best choice- make sure it’s not slippy, because with water it might get slippier.

tip number 4: cabinets- we will recommend on doing a 3D design: this will help you visualize your project and will minimize the chance of you getting disappointed.

tip number 5: Watch our video of how to choose the right contractor, choosing the right contractor is the most important tip we can give you.

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