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InnoTech drawer method: assembly, set up and adjustment

The InnoTech drawer method allows to combine a lot of side aspects with one particular drawer side panel as the complete method is based mostly on a platform strategy: Make use of all the gains of the InnoTech drawer method:
Even exchanging side aspects right after set up is possible.

This movie explains how to assemble drawer side panels, bottoms and rear panels to come to be a drawer. The drawer side panels can either be preset to the drawer base using the integrated knock-in clamps or screws.
It is advised to use an InnoFit assembly support as it speeds up the assembly method and avoids damages to drawer parts. There are distinct versions accessible, meeting distinct assembly demands:
– InnoFit 100:
– InnoFit 200:
– InnoFit three hundred:
– InnoFit:

At the time the front panel adapters are preset to the front panel through press-in or screw-on assembly, these are mounted to the drawer without using applications. The fast assembly also attributes very simple disassembly by pushing the blue buttons on equally sides of the InnoTech drawer. Really handy e. g. for cleaning soiled drawers in each individual working day kitchen use.

The assembly of InnoTech railings, TopSides and DesignSides for pot-and-pan drawers is also extremely very simple. For these parts, fast disassembly is an exciting feature as it allows to alter side aspects anytime. As the main assembly positions for railing front connectors and DesignSide front connectors are identical, each individual pot-and-pan drawer can be personalized to person client style choices anytime and anywhere.
For cabinet set up, drawers are only pushed onto the Quadro runner. Drawers and runners hook up mechanically.
In situation the front panels are not perfectly in line: the sideway overlay can be promptly altered by using the screw on the proper side of the drawer. The front panel peak place can be adjustment through convert wheels on either side of the drawer. Adjustment screws, convert wheels and front panel launch buttons should later on be coated by include caps. The tilt of higher front panels can be altered through turning the railing or adjustment screws in the DesignSide.

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