Kitchen Cabinet

Measuring Cabinets for New Cabinet Doorways

Professional assistance on measuring for new kitchen area or rest room cupboard doors. In-depth recommendations on how to measure for cabinet doors.

Measures Pinpointing Sizes:
1) Ascertain what the overlay of your hinge design is
two) Evaluate the inside of opening of your cabinet
three) Increase the overlay dimension for “each and every” door
4) Divide by two for double door cupboard
five) Subtract just one eight of an inch


For a 20 seven inch inside of opening, two door cupboard with 50 percent inch overlay hinges, the door order sizes would be 13 and seven eights.

Twenty seven as well as just one inch (two-1/two” overlays) is equal to 20 eight. 28 divided by two would be 14-less just one eight equals 13-seven/8″ cabinet door sizes.

When measuring one door cupboards you however insert the overlay and deduct just one eight.


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