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How to Increase Kitchen Ceilings, Set up Drywall on Ceiling, LED Wafer Lights

In this online video, we show you how to ditch that outdated unpleasant 1970s suspended ceiling in your kitchen, and raise it up to the appropriate top, and how to set up drywall on a ceiling, and lastly how to set up these new LED wafer lights. We’ll have your new kitchen transforming challenge with a new raised ceiling top in no time.

Up first: Get rid of suspended ceiling grid

In this kitchen ceiling design challenge, we have to clear away the outdated unpleasant Grandma design suspended kitchen ceiling with all the translucent plastic tiles, and one hundred sixty Watts whole of strength losing florescent gentle bulbs. To clear away suspended ceiling grids is quick, it took us ten minutes to clear away this kitchen suspended ceiling grid.

Kitchen ceiling design

The 2nd element of this raise kitchen ceiling design is attaching the ceiling drywall strapping, which is a series of two x 4 studs which are Tapcon mounted flat versus the concrete slab ceiling higher than, or on to wooden ceiling joists if you have wooden higher than your kitchen ceiling to attach drywall ceiling sheets to. This online video demonstrates out layout of the kitchen ceiling design and where by all the wooden strapping for the drywall set up will be anchored to the concrete ceiling.

Setting up drywall horizontal or vertical

With kitchen transforming and design, your building codes possible call for a fireplace rated drywall ceiling when putting in horizontal drywall ceilings, which means Firecode Core 5/8 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. Gypsum Board is what you ought to use. Although 5/8″ drywall sheets are only 1/8″ thicker than standard 1/two” drywall sheets, really don’t be fooled, they are way denser, and considerably heavier than 1/two” sheet of drywall. the identical sheet of Firecode Core Drywall panel weighs 70 kilos, in comparison to the 1/two” drywall sheets, only weighing forty kilos. So that extra 1/8″ is practically double the fat.

How to set up drywall on ceiling

If you are not a qualified drywall installer, then as a Do it yourself set up of drywall on the kitchen ceiling use our drywall set up guidelines in this online video. You establish T-formed wooden braces out of 2×4 lumber as revealed in this Do it yourself how to online video.

A different of our drywall set up guidelines includes applying glue like PL Adhesive or Liquid Nails to glue the sheets to the drywall strapping or ceiling joists, giving considerably much more support than just drywall screws.

Then you location a T-brace under one 4-foot-extensive close zone of the drywall sheet, and force it up to the ceiling, wedging it all the way up versus the cement horizontal drywall strapping that you attached to the cement ceiling. Now your sheet of Firecode Core drywall is pinched in location by the T-brace, then just do the identical detail with the opposite close of the drywall sheet.

Also look at your building codes to see if they call for all drywall in your kitchen to be 5/8″ Firecore, even when putting in drywall vertically on the partitions. and if you might be starting off from scratch in the kitchen or de-putting in drywall vertically on a wall, why not use 5/8″ firecore drywall to give you maximum fireplace safety for your drywall.

What are LED wafer downlights?

This is current technologies LED wafer downlights are spherical floor mount LED lights that replace the more mature design recessed can lights. You no longer use cans, due to the fact LED wafer lights are commonly only an inch thick like a disk, and they have two clips on them to mount the LED wafer gentle as a result of a gap in the ceiling, and the gentle clips in location.

We usually replace standard kitchen ceiling downlight cans with LED downlight

You no longer require a recessed can for a gentle bulb, and LED Wafer lights have no gentle bulb that ever demands modifying. As an extra reward in your LED wafer gentle set up, most of them are dimmable, but you ought to look at the box in advance of you get. Not all LED downlight ceiling lights are dimmable LED wafer lights.

Also retain in brain when getting LED wafer lights, quite a few of the manufacturers have a list of accepted dimmers that have been examined and accepted to work with your unique LED wafer gentle.

When putting in LED wafer lights, do not use any of your outdated rheostat dimmers, you require a contemporary dimmer that is especially intended to work with LED down lights. So make absolutely sure that if you use a dimmer for your LED wafer downlight, verify that your new dimmer is advised by the manufacturer first.

LED wafer gentle set up is a snap…basically! All you do is slash a gap in the drywall and wire up the LED wafer gentle little electrical box, and established it up in the ceiling space, then screw the wire from the LED wafer gentle up to its electrical box.

We really don’t even use recessed can lights anymore, we replace them with LED wafer downlights.

The LED wafer gentle has two spring clips that force up as a result of the drywall gap in the ceiling, and it snaps into location. In this online video, due to the fact the LED wafer downlight are so detail, only about an 1″ max, we ended up in a position to in shape it into a drywall ceiling that only had 1 1/two” of crawl space. We adore these wafer lights.

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