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I’m a first-time home customer with no knowledge of renovations and I have no thought what I’m doing…how tricky can it be? Look at my vlog of the Kitchen Finishing stage…

To Do Listing: Paint the Partitions | Match the Wall Cupboards | Match the Base Cupboards | Match the Counter Top rated | Match the Sink | Match the Extractor Hood | Match the Flooring

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Look at the Rebuilding phase below:

To commence I painted the partitions and ceilings with white matt emulsion. The first coat was watered down by 30%, the next coat by 10% and the third was applied neat. I went all-around all the edges and sockets with a 2” brush and 4” roller. Just after that I made use of a 9” roller shifting in vertical strokes, making an attempt to implement tension to the foremost edge to keep away from any traces forming in the complete.

I watched a variety of video clips on how to fit kitchen cupboards. Beginning with the surround for the fridge, 2 whole peak close panels and a 600mm bridging cupboard. I laid a person panel flat on the floor and stood the bridging cupboard on its side making certain it was established back from the edge. To secure it to the close panels I predrilled and adopted up with 25mm screws. I countersunk them as neatly as attainable and later I’ll go over them with screw caps. I stood it up onto the close panels and walked it into position. Using a spirit degree to test it was plumb and checked it was sq. to the wall making use of a framing sq..

The higher cupboards demanded tiny metal plates correcting to the wall which they hook on to. The laser degree provided an accurate datum line. Using an 8mm drill bit I drilled 2 holes for each individual bracket to acknowledge the 100mm frame fixings. The big fixings assure the cupboards ended up supported by the brick wall and not the drywall. I completely extended the brackets to make hooking them to the wall plates simple. After hooked onto the plates I retracted the brackets till the cupboard was flat against the wall. I then altered the brackets vertically till the cupboard was the proper distance from the laser datum. I repeated the approach for the subsequent cupboards making certain they ended up all in line with no gaps.

The base cupboards ended up provided with the adjustable toes. With the cupboards upside down, I could screw the top segment of the toes making use of 12mm screws. The bottom of the toes are threaded so the corners can be raised or lowered. I orientated them so the plinth clips would connect correctly. I made use of the laser degree to offer a datum line, 860mm from the floor for a concluded counter top peak of 900mm. The toes could be altered at the bottom till the cupboard was at the proper peak and degree in all directions. Just after marking the wall at the bracket destinations, I moved the cupboard out of the way and made use of an 8mm drill bit for far more 100mm frame fixings.

To take care of the preformed corner put up I hooked up some scraps to the side of the sink cupboard so I could clamp it. I screwed from the inside of the cupboard into the corner put up, making an attempt to conceal the screws around the hinges. I desired to cut out the other side of the sink cupboard to allow for the water pipe and drill holes in the back for the faucets and entry the major water shut off. I drilled pilot holes from the back, then made use of gap saws from inside the cupboard.

I wanted a space for a dishwasher subsequent to the sink so I calculated 600mm away from the sink cupboard. The laser degree provided a correctly straight line which I could use to position tiny angle brackets. I put the close panel against the brackets and made use of a spirit degree to assure it was degree.

I set up the straight counter top myself which had to be scribed to the fridge panel making use of a piece of wooden as scribe block. I flipped the countertop upside down to protect the laminate and transferred the line to the underside. I cut along the line with a clamp information. The exposed particle board is covered later with edge banding.

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(02:fifteen) Bosch GDR 10.eight-LI 10.8v Hex Drill Driver
(02:fifteen) Bosch GDR 10.eight-LI 10.8v Impact Driver
(03:00) DeWalt D25323K-GB 3.4kg 240V SDS Plus Hammer Drill
(03:38) Bosch GLL 3-80P Laser Stage
(06:fifty three) DeWalt DC390 18v Circular Observed
(08:33) Bosch GOP300SCE 240V Multicutter
(08:forty four) DeWalt DC925 18v Combi Drill
(08:46) DeWalt DC727 18v Combi Drill
(fourteen:43) DeWalt DC825 18v Impact Driver (DCA1820 Adapter)

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Samsung Galaxy Be aware 4
Rode SmartLav+ (
Blue Yeti (
MAGIX Vegas Movie Platinum thirteen

Be aware: I’m not a expert contractor, this is not a how to movie and all the instruments made use of are my personal.


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