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Necessities for Overhangs

Proprietor Greg Fox goes about necessities for overhangs in the granite countertop marketplace. For a lot more, stop by


Our baseline overhang when we have no distinctive bar seating is approximately one.5 inches.

Now we talked about before in our former weblog that inch and a half is our baseline. But since the cabinets are not straight, that could fluctuate from one.25 inches to one.625 inches to one.seventy five inches in various parts.

We’re going to reduce the rock, the granite, or the quartz straight. But the cabinets are not straight. And that is our baseline, whether it can be about there in entrance of a pool and you will not want a lot more than a inch and a half since you want entry your actual drawer or whether it can be about listed here where someone would not want bar seats since it intrudes into the walkway or into the place. Inch and a half goes wherever where it can be a regular overhang.

Now when we want bar seats, we want to take in there, we acquired to kick it up from inch and a half to at least 8 inches. Now when we are on an island or a peninsula where we are all degree and you can find a ton of counter top rated going this way for assist, then we can for positive go from eight even to 12. In this scenario, this customer is doing ten inches of overhang. That is the ideal magic range without having any more bracing. You have to independent islands and peninsulas where you can find a large amount of counter top rated surface area place remaining weighted to the remaining or to the suitable of the overhang that would make it steady to be in a position to go to that total.

Now if someone really, really preferred to make this a everlasting desk for whatsoever rationale, they preferred to go sixteen or 19 or 22 inches of overhang, they have to do a person of two matters. They have to really develop a desk-leg extension where ever your endpoint is, set a column, a attractive desk leg, probably a wooden, sitting down suitable listed here to carry that overhang. Then, they would have to link it from level to level and then link them all jointly like a desk so they will not wobble, which is a large amount of funds for carpentry. You acquired to get the supplies and have it completed just before we can start off templating.

If that is what you want, it can be just a issue of funds. It truly is not a issue of whether it can be completed or not. It truly is a issue of funds. Just about anything earlier 12 inches is extreme overhang and needs the up coming degree of assist for appropriate basic safety.

We’re not towards anything at all. We’re all for what you want. We just want to lay the groundwork of what’s speedy, what requires more perform and what requires more funds, so when you men converse with us, we can be correctly well prepared and all set to start off perform.


  1. I really want an overhang on my Island but It does not have one. I am considering getting just new countertop for the Island but not sure if the mismatched counters will bother me.

  2. Thanks for posting this guys! At least your letting people know they will need support. When we had our first granite countertop installed no one ever told us we needed them until they showed up to install… Frustrated from the lack of support options we ended up building our own and today we have an entire line of countertop supports. If anyone needs to find a place for granite countertop supports here you go –


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