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How Significantly Does a Lavatory Transform Cost and Why? | Bathroom Reworking

Are your looking into bathroom reworking expenditures? Several homeowners are hoping to establish a lavatory remodeling price range but could not know how. In this video clip, I will help reveal the greatest fees involved with lavatory reworking and how contractors calculate costs.

Popular thoughts we’ll answer in this video clip:
“How do rework fees get calculated?”
“Why is the remaining price tag much more than the estimate?”
“How substantially does a bathroom transform price tag?””
“How do I get started?”

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  1. I just remodeled my bathroom myself and I mean everything including pipes and drains and upgraded my wiring. I literally paid $1,897.34 for materials. That’s toilet, vanity, new bathtub, tile, copper pipe. Etc…. took about a good 2 weeks on and off. 20,000 is ridiculous. You are marking up everything 1,000% I get you have to make a living and most people don’t have time or the knowledge to do this but geez you know how to rip people off I should start my own business.

  2. How's J-LO? lol

  3. Windshield time really and get your supplies at home depo really, just plumbing the faucets…you have retail and wholesale the retail garbage can't get replacement parts come on now.

  4. This guy just makes me mad, I would not go to him.

  5. Some people hire you because of your skill to install something. Most people don't know how to renovate. So how does them buying their own material hurt you?

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  7. I like the vid and how articulate you were with those answers. Do you have and offices in the S.F. Bay Area? Thanks.

  8. Hi There. Just quick ask, When the customer wants to renovate the bathroom, Do you ask what the budget is before to give initial quotation or how this is work. from where do you know if the customer will accept your price and you to spend the time in the quotation, Many Thanks Forin

  9. Man…I have been doing full blown bathrooms for under 7,000 ….in San Antonio…..for VersatileHomeimprovements

  10. does it cost more to remodel a bathroom that was done wrong earlier by a unlicensed handy man? In other words I had a handyman screw up things like the tile & the slope of the shower floor, so now I'm hiring a licensed guy to basically re-do everything & I was quoted $10,000. This figure sounds very steep. The thing thats confusing me is why does it cost so much to clean up after someone else? Basically at the end of the day all the contractor is doing is throwing out stuff & replacing it with new stuff whether it was done correctly or incorrectly. Am I right? Or should I be suspicious of unscrupulous behavior? Thanks so much!!

  11. Professional, Gold!👍

  12. thanks Alex,



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