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How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets With out Stripping | Inquire This Aged Household

Host Kevin O’Connor allows a house owner refinish his kitchen cupboards. (See underneath for a searching checklist, equipment, and steps.)
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Shopping Checklist for How to Paint Kitchen Cupboards With out Stripping:
– Cabinet refinishing package [
– Latex gloves [ to protect your hands
– Masking tape [ and felt-tip marker [ to label cabinet doors and drawers
– Nylon fiber scouring pad [ for applying the deglosser
– Plastic-lined canvas drop cloths [ to protect surfaces during refinishing
– Cotton rags [

Tools List for How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Stripping:
– Cordless drill [
– Screwdriver [
– Putty knife [ to scrape bumpers from cabinet doors
– 2-inch-wide synthetic-bristle paintbrush [ used to apply the bond coat and topcoat

Steps for How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Stripping:
1. Make a sketch of the kitchen cabinets, then identify each door and drawer with a number.
2. Place a small strip of masking tape onto each door and drawer, then mark the strips with the corresponding number shown on the sketch.
3. Use a cordless drill to unscrew all the doors from the cabinets.
4. Unscrew and remove the door hinges.
5. Remove all the drawers from the cabinets.
6. Use a putty knife to scrape any rubber bumpers from the back side of the doors.
7. Unpeel the tape from one of the doors and then scrub its surface with a scouring pad dampened with deglosser. (If any doors or face frames have a coating of greasy, oily residue, wash them clean with hot, soapy water prior to deglossing.)
8. Wipe down the door with a cotton rag soaked in clean water.[BR]
9. Dry the door with a clean, dry cotton rag, then flip the door above.
10. Repeat the preceding two actions to degloss the back floor of the door.
11. Protect appliances and counters with plastic-lined canvas drop cloths.
12. Use the scouring pad and deglosser to scrub the surfaces of the facial area frames on the higher and lower cupboards.
13. Wash the facial area frames clear with a h2o-soaked rag, then wipe the frames dry.
14. Wait around a single hour before proceeding.
15. Remove all the drawer faces, then degloss and clean each and every one particular.
16. Defend the wall about the cabinets and all other adjacent surfaces with masking tape.
17. Use a 2-inch-broad artificial-bristle paintbrush to utilize the initially bond coat to all the cabinet doorways, drawers, and deal with frames.
18. Allow the to start with bond coat to dry for 2 hrs.
19. Flip about the doorways and implement a bond coat to their back again surfaces. Wait around one more two hours.
20. Repeat the former three methods to use a next bond coat to equally sides of each door and to the drawer faces and encounter frames.
21. Brush on the protecting major coat of polyurethane to all surfaces of the doorways, drawers, and facial area frames. Allow for the top coat to dry for 12 hours.
22. Screw the hinges back onto the doorways, then mount the doorways to the cupboards.
23. Put in the door pulls.
24. Reattach the drawer faces and slide the drawers back again into the cupboards.

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How to Paint Kitchen area Cupboards Without Stripping | Inquire This Aged House



  1. Did all that work and they looked better with the original wood grain. Also dude, spend another $2k and update you appliances…

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  3. The homeowner's comments appear too rehearsed. Makes me question the validity of his comments. However, I was impressed with the quality of the paint job when they did a close up view while changing the hardware. It's very hard to get that quality with a brush. I always spray anytime I paint cabinets.

  4. If your gonna paint the cabinets, no need to strip paint/stain unless old paint is in rough shape,chipped. just sand to get smooth and provide grip for paint, dust with old paint brush, then tack rag, then apply good quality primer/sealer, then apply top coat(s)
    And never use cheap brushes, get a high quality brush, well worth it, and use a high quality paint.And do the face sides last.

  5. We r moving into a house that has painted kitchen cabinets that r PURPLE. how do I go about repainting them white or a light grey? Do I need to strip paint? Sand? After I paint do I need to add a top coat? PLEASE help I have no idea how to do this

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  12. I did my cabinets without stripping. I just left my clothes on.

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  17. Using the Scotchbright wet is just wet sanding! Great trick. I use it frequently. Depending on the wood surface and what paint was down before, you can actually use Scotchbright to apply a thinned out first coat of paint. Makes it stick really well.

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  25. Or use chalk paint!

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