Exterior Waterproofing, How To Seal Your Foundation, Do it yourself

Waterproofing your foundation, crawl house or basement from the outside the house.. the true solution is tons of gravel and liquid rubber.

Commence by excavating the wall down to the footer.

Following clean off the footer and wall

Seal the wall from the seam at the 1st course of block or brick up to quality.

Install a modest bed of gravel under your perforated pipe. Holes level down into the gravel. Then include the pipe and the footer with far more gravel .

Use a soil separator to address the gravel.

If gravity is not obtainable for the discharge of the footer tile, then a sump pump is necessary to lift the h2o up and mail it to daylight.

A excellent undertaking for the Do It Yourselfer. Help you save 1000’s!!!

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