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This Aged House basic contractor Tom Silva solves soggy basement issues and shows host Kevin O’Connor how to watertight a basement. (See beneath for a browsing listing and tools.)
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Buying Record for How to Watertight a Basement:
– water-resistant masonry paint, utilised to seal interior of foundation walls
– hydraulic cement, utilized to seal cracks and holes
– bucket, applied to combine hydraulic cement 4. Versatile down spout extender
– 4-inch-diameter PVC pipe, made use of to join downspout to drywell
– drywell

Equipment for How to Waterproof a Basement:
– paintbrush or paint roller, utilised to apply watertight paint
– putty knife, applied to blend and utilize hydraulic cement
– shovel, used to dig trench for PVC pipe and gap for drywell

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How to Waterproof a Basement | This Aged Household



  1. That's a great video. Nice, quality work. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTII-J5fvIvuTQyJKRB1mNA?view_as=subscriber

  2. I would expect more from these guys. Dry lock paint is actually food mold can eat. This is a huge mistake. Never put that on your walls. You will regret the day you did.

  3. I have not much memory anymore, but I remember seeing a new product where the concrete blocks were laid in without mortar and this new product troweled on the outside of the wall. What is the name of this product, is it really used or did I imagine it?

  4. I had high amounts of water entering my basement when it rained or snow melting after a snow storm. I was so stressed out and didn’t know what to do. I started doing a lot of research on the internet for ideas.. Ex. Crumbling foundation, leaking sill plate etc. I honestly went outside my home and took a walk around the house. To my surprise my gutters were flowing over with water and some areas when it was heavy rain would constantly have high amount of water hitting against the house. I cleaned my gutters, reattached the gutters that needed to be fixed, and bought the extendable parts that connect to gutters to lead water away from house. My cement basement has NEVER leaked water ever again. (First time home buyer, lesson learned)

  5. I've been in my home for 30 years and the prior owner left me with a leaky basement. From the walls not the sewer. They did end up paying for B-Dry to waterproof my basement. They do an excellent job. 30 years and no leakage from the walls. The executor of the estate I purchased my home from is a very honorable man. I was very lucky! My home is in Michigan.

  6. Why are you still building basements?

  7. Hi, I have a basement well from the late eighteen-hundreds when it rains my basement fills with water coming from that well how can I feel that would concrete and make it stop.christine Bayer.

  8. What if the house has a raised/rubblestone foundation with a crawlspace? We have the typical dirt crawlspace, but previous owners dug an area about 15' long x 3 feet deep x 3.5 feet wide and surrounded it with a mortared cinderblock wall. They put the water heater at the upper end and literally just dug a hole and threw in a pedestal pump at the lower end. When it rains, water comes in from the surrounding dirt and goes through the wall. Other times, the sump hole itself…water flows into the sump hole only from the area under the sump hole itself. Underground springs? Just water pressure from the surrounding ground? No one seems to know how to properly fix/waterproof that.

  9. That shit won’t work That is the lazy way to do it and it won’t work for an actual wet basement.

  10. Okay, what about when water comes through the wall creating a crack?

  11. Where is Roger?

  12. What is the paint? They didn't show it

  13. leaky basements, see the exterior cracks etc in wall, this is where-why-how it leaked https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tq_o7C6KMUA …. deteriorating exterior bricks, mortar joints etc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dpGpiB7kQI

  14. dear salam i am in pakistan plz answer me my old house brick wall down area tile up to 6inch to 30 inch completley seepage after 30inch to slab no seepage only flooring tile to 30inch seepage plz help me

  15. Is that drylok paint ?

  16. When they built the high school I went to [Moore Public Schools – Southmmore High School; built in 2006-2009 by Oscar J Boldt Construciton LLC, opened in 2008] they didn't check the grade and so water leaked into the building when It first started raining the first year the school was open.

  17. Waterproofing your basement is an investment you would want to make to keep your house in good condition and protect your family's health.

  18. Epoxy injection for cracks first.


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