The Greatest Basement Waterproofing: Effortless – Diy Coating – Block Foundation – Exterior Waterproofing

New building parged and non-parged block foundation wall. Deco 20 obvious applied as primer to non-parged wall and Deco Seal applied to parged and non-parged partitions for waterproofing safety the two above and below grade. Easy to utilize for a person particular person – contractors and Do it yourself. Water dependent, environmentally friendly merchandise and no grade line challenges.

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  1. Good option to know about. But…it's kind of …I'm not sure how I feel about the term, "DIY" being used in a situation where the entire area around your foundation has to be excavated. Once it's exposed, yeah, definitely, but getting there is definitely not DIY. Also, you really should be using some kind of brace for that dirt wall behind you. IT CAN collapse and trap you in there. Please be careful.

  2. I used it on my garage and it is working great. No more water!

  3. Where can it be purchased?


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