Bathroom Remodeling

Section 1 – How To Set up A Bathtub – Finish Rest room Rework

Let us transform a rest room! Want to dress up an outdated, drab, outdated rest room? Wait around – Do It Yourself and $ave dollars! I’ll show you how … This is the to start with video in …



  1. I really appreciate your videos, I'm learning a lot as I follow your steps. (?) Is it necessary to add a vapor barrier to bathroom walls that are insulated or not? I noticed that some people do it and some don't.

  2. I have 1/4” OSB on the floor now. If I put down 1/4” underlayment plywood then thinset hardie board to it, will that be sufficient for ceramic tile. The area being tiled is approximately 40sq ft.

  3. At the joints of the cement board, would it be better to fill the joint first to make sure the mortar gets all the way down to the subfloor then put the tape on? Is the fiberglass tape the same as the fiberglass tape that some use for Sheetrock?

  4. I am not trying to say "AHH HAH" I caught you!" with this question…. Am I wrong or did you go ahead and add another layer of subfloor under the tub at the "dead battery" moment. Making the entire room floor one level now? Before the tub was in a "hole" so to speak. You can clearly see OSB in the tub area. You even had to trim the plywood subfloor. As you are pouring the mortar to support the tub bottom, you can clearly see you're pouring over new plywood and not the old OSB.

    I am asking this because I need to know, as I'm about to start a bathroom total remodel.

    Also, why didn't you put Durock under the tub as well? So the entire floor was one level? I notice in video #2 (yeah, i watched out of order, heh. I was looking for vid's on Durock installation at first) as you are laying Durock right next to tub I'm thinking "damn, hes gonna have the tub half an inch "under ground" compared to the tile floor.

    In my mind I want the tub on the same level so to speak. I intend to remove my tub and strip out the whole room down to the joist. My thinking is to do the entire room with the Durock as well, even under the tub.

    Would like to know your thoughts on why you did it your way. And if it would be ok to do it my way.

    Thank you.

    P.s. Well, that'll teach me to stop and ask questions before the end of a vid. I saw the old OSB floor again as you were doing the drain work. lol. I still plan to make my floor all one level however. Unless there's a reason not too.

    Thanks again =)

  5. Would you give your opinion on using. the inexpensive plastic drain parts rather than buying the much more expensive metal drain and overflow. I am in the process of a total remodel of the bathroom and have taken out all the old galvanized drain pipe & replaced with Sch 40. It was a great video.

  6. Howdy Rumen! Thanks very much buddy!!! Hope all is well in the good old Pacific Northwest!!!

  7. Really enjoy watching your videos Mike


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