Kitchen Cabinet

How to Paint Kitchen area Cupboards – Do-it-yourself Network

Give your dated kitchen cupboards a new look with a refreshing coat of paint. From sanding to priming to painting, abide by these techniques for a flawless end.

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  1. 9326669611 painting services call

  2. Dear DIY Network: Please stop having the people you showcase destroy their cabinets and countertops. There is no reason to destroy them. They can be quickly and easily removed without making a pile of junk out of them, and someone will purchase them for their garage, storage shed, or cottage. I kinge everything I see people take a sledge hammer to them. What a foolish waste.

  3. Why would you clean them then sand them… Are you telling me the sander wont get rid of the grime?

  4. Great tips, I am a furniture builder and just started recording videos, check it out..I sub back just lmk if you do

  5. Oh yeah. Very outdated. Scream for color. ; – ) It loooks beautiful now that it's done. Good job. I wouldn't do it my self.I would call in the proes. ; – )

  6. I wish this vid was out last week before I painted mine

  7. Great transformation

  8. And all the things not left out are thrown into a cupboard to be searched for when you need them.

  9. Looks so much better. Worth doing


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