Bathroom Remodeling

Phase by step Diy Lavatory transforming job

Move by stage Do it yourself Bathroom reworking undertaking:

1. Plumbing planning
2.Tub installation
3. Drain spot
4. Making a tub frame
5. Developing a specialized niche
6. Tub and drain installation
7. Put in flange on drop in tub
8. How to minimize HardieBacker
9. Wall installation recommendations
10. Good components for tile installation
11. Getting ready the wall
12. Tile installation
13. Shower Panel installation
14.How to set up OVE framless doorway



  1. How did you join the hardi backer and Sheetrock? The joints meet on a stud? And you use normal Sheetrock tape and mud? Also, how did you tile your tub wall? I see there is a little lip below the flange of the tub, did you put hardi backer there before you tiled? Why not tile under the flange like some suggest?

  2. Thank You about to clean and wet the board. I'm about to use some i never seen a video talking abbot that. JESUS bless You

  3. no p trap

  4. what is this called

  5. How long did this take?


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