EZ Flow and Gravel French Drains, Exterior Waterproofing

EZ Stream or Gravel? Which is greater? Below are two illustrations of exterior basement waterproofing making use of each kinds of techniques. discharge with sump pump and discharge to daylight.

EX Flow is Gravel Free Style. Its 4″ perforated pipe surrounded by 1/2 inch Styrofoam peanuts, held in position by landscape material. Its lite bodyweight, effortless to go in and around the crawl space and has great stream level of water.

Common waterproofing is with perforated pipe surrounded by gravel, set at the footer degree.

We applied the EZ stream with discharge to Daylight, That suggests gravity enables the water to movement out and absent from the wall down hill till it will come up on the floor.

We used the perforated pipe surrounded by gravel (French drain) to move into a sump pump which lifts the drinking water up and out to discharge.

Sealed both walls with a liquid rubber compound, and back again crammed. Depth of systems was 8 feet.

Equally Systems will work terrific. EZ flow was a little easier to install

The two are great projecst for the Do It You Home-owner and will save you hundreds of dollars.

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