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Rest room Reworking Section 1 [Demo and Building a debris chute]

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Carpenter and builder Rob Robillard from presents assistance on toilet reworking. This movie is part 1 of a various element movie series being filmed as we rework a bathroom it aspects the demo stage of the bathroom and how to make a particles chute.

Section of our reworking undertaking calls for us to clear away the tile floor and underlayment beneath it. The tile floor demands to be eradicated so we can rework the plumbing drains for our new American Typical tub and shower fixtures.

Getting rid of tile isn’t really an straightforward challenge and it can be tricky to do if the tile was established in concrete, commonly referred to as a “outdated mortar mattress” process.. A mud bed career commonly usually means that the tile is connected to 2 to 3 inches of concrete. Most tile is put in on underlayment which is a layer of substance amongst the sub-ground and the concluded ground. Many years in the past the most frequent content utilised by builders was 1/8-inch thick Luan plywood. Currently, cement board and fiber cement board are the most common elements utilized. Prior to having on this task make sure to protect your eyes and hands. Broken shards of ceramic tile is as sharp as glass. Clear away The Trim: You will also require to take out all of the merchandise sitting on top of the tile. these kinds of as baseboard and door casing trim, bathroom, tub and vainness is relevant. Right after taking away the rest room I suggest making use of a rubber plug or things a rag in the hole to continue to keep out the methane gas tiny. When we are taking away tubs, showers or sinks we make certain to shut off the drinking water, drain the pipes and then reduce and cap them with Sharkbite connectors.

this is also the time to address any HVAC vents with a breathable filter to make it possible for airflow but end particles or if you do not need to have the vent operating to totally deal with it with tape and plastic. This helps prevent dust from getting into the ventilation process.

Eradicating The Tile: For about $30, you can invest in a flooring scraper, a broom-measurement resource with an angled metal head utilized to strip off layers of flooring material. Usually, the resource is beneficial for dislodging the flooring materials from the adhesive. Decide on a tile in the centre of the place and break up by hitting it in the center with a hammer. The level in this article is to create a foot maintain to get a pry bar of particular tile scraper concerning the surrounding tiles and underlayment.

Making use of your scraper carry on to break up tiles. On some floors, this one provided, I’ve had exceptional outcomes by employing a hammer drill with a chisel attachment. I use the chisel to crack up and get less than tiles and then pry them up to get. Some floors appear up easy and many others hard. An old mortar bed flooring sometimes desires to be damaged up into pieces with a sledgehammer and then pried up.

I like to use a snow shovel to scoop up the damaged tiles and discard them. If your lucky plenty of to get a dumpster under the window of the room your functioning at then a straightforward plywood sled is all you need to have to get the tiles into the dumpster. If you never have that luxurious you may well require to develop a particles chute.

Clear away the Underlayment: Right after all the tile is taken off and you have swept up it’s time to focus on eradicating he underlayment plywood. Clear away any seen screws that are obtainable. More mature flooring will have ring shank nails as fasteners and frequently these nails had been utilized each individual six inches. I come across the very best follow is to use a big 48 inch long pry bar to carry up and function the edges of the underlayment. often a flat shovel can support in this procedure. Put together The Sub-flooring: Get rid of fasteners left in the sub-ground. Use the cat’s paw, claw hammer or pry bar to get rid of the fasteners in advance of relocating on. Screws should really be backed out if feasible rather than pried loose mainly because they will problems the sub-ground Clean up up utilizing a broom and store vacuum. The picket subfloor ought to be absolutely easy and solid before setting up a new flooring. In my scenario I need to remove some of the sub-flooring in get to accessibility plumbing. If you do not have to take away any subfloor then you need to re-nail or improved yet, screw down the sub-floor to be certain you make a excellent link and get rid of squeaks and motion. Removing the Subfloor If Essential: Lots of situations the plumber needs a section of subfloor removed. In these situations you can at times remove just a several boards or cut the plywood subfloor at the closest joist. Chopping subfloor boards or plywood is in essence the exact same method. Make sure to use a nail puller to take away all the nails or unscrew and screws. then established your circular noticed blade depth to the thickness of the sub-floor that you are eliminating. Make cuts alongside the middle of the joist exactly where you need to have to cut back to.



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