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Kitchen area Cabinet Makeover Do it yourself | How to Paint Melamine Cupboards

Source record under. See how we painted and up-to-date our ruined melamine cabinets on a Do-it-yourself finances. The combine of knobs and pulls truly remodeled our kitchen space. We ended up pleased at how the enamel paint gave all the cupboards a uniform look. Hope this video sparks tips for your job!

Examine out our complete Kitchen area Makeover Do-it-yourself overview:
Examine out our Furnishings Makeover Do-it-yourself using the cupboard enamel:

Some of the supplies we utilized and approximate expenditures:
– Valspar bonding primer 1 gallon $25
– Valspar cabinet enamel semi gloss 1 gallon: paint color Gravity $50 each individual (we employed 2 gallons)
– Alignright cabinet components mounting kit $8
– Gator sandpaper 320 grit 25pack $27
– wood filler $8
– sanding sponge $6
– Whizz mini brush $15
– mini roller package $12
– cordless screwdriver (if desired) $15
– electricity drill (if desired) $69
– cupboard knobs pack of 10 (we necessary 2 packs) $22
– cupboard pulls pack of 10 $25
– styrofoam cups $1
– hair dryer (if desired) $14
– gloves $3
– plastic baggies $1
– a large amount of persistence…PRICELESS

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  1. Thank you!! So you didnt have to remove all the cabinate laminate only the damaged ones… brilliant. I thought I had to remove all but if theyre good just paint over them

  2. Did you just paint over the left over adhesive on the door? I cant manage to get it off.

  3. Cool great video 👍👌 looks fantastic..

  4. OMG…I'm so glad you did this video because I've been wanting to get that peeling stuff of my cabinets. Didn't know if I could paint them or if I had to replace them, but thankfully you saved me with your video.

  5. Thank you for showing us! Is the cabinet enamel easy to paint with?

  6. Beautiful job!! Is cabinet enamel just like paint??

  7. I love your new cabinets. Kudos to you guys because I'm sure it took a lot of time and planning. Can't wait to see what's next for you guys.

  8. Great video, I am planning on redoing my cabinets also. And I loved that your teaching the little ones to work.


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