Software of the polyurethane waterproofing membrane ISOFLEX-PU 500 on flat roofs

The most efficient and resilient waterproofing for flat roofs!

Look at the step-by-move application of the modern polyurethane waterproofing goods by ISOMAT PU Methods for supreme waterproofing and defense of your flat roof.

The a person-ingredient 100% polyurethane liquid waterproofing membrane ISOFLEX-PU 500 is the top answer for even the most demanding apps. It generates a uniform, elastic membrane, devoid of seams or joints, with superior elasticity and excellent mechanical, chemical, thermal and weather resistance. It is also acceptable for green roofs and flower beds.

For the finish defense of your waterproofing layer from UV radiation, as effectively as the development of a walkable and usable flat roof, you can use the aliphatic, elastic, polyurethane top coat TOPCOAT-PU 720. Choose concerning a clean and a coarse – slip-resistant last surface area, and renovate your flat roof with the coloration of your preference.

Find out all about ISOMAT’s polyurethane products at www.isomat-pu-programs.com.



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