Basement Renovation

Do-it-yourself Laundry Space Remodel Makeover on $100 Dollar Spending budget 2019

LAUNDRY Place MAKEOVER | ON A Price range | Greenback TREE Diy
Test out this supreme laundry space transformation employing Laminate paper and Greenback Tree objects all for $100.00 pounds. #laundryroommakeover #laundryroom #laundryroom2019

::::::::::::::::::::::­:­::::LAUNDRY Area Solutions AND Buys:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::­::::

1. Duck Deco | Adhesive Laminate | Design and style: Weathered Wood
Used on Ground – – $4.97

2. Con-Tact Model | Adhesive | Model: Vin Trellis Grey 18 x 20
Utilized on walls – – $5.74

3. Duck Model Coloration Duct Tape in White – $3.37

4. White Bins – $1.00 / pc

5. Wrapping Paper | For frames | 1 Roll | $1.00

6. Frames x 2 | $1.00 / personal computer

7. Flower & Backyard Tin | Dollar Tree | $ 1.00

8. Twine | Greenback Tree | $1.00

Notice: Most of the decor other than for the lamp had been created will be linked on a independent video!

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  1. I Finally see a REAL everyday transformation that i can relate to..beautiful job!

  2. How hard or easy is it to take the wall and flooring adhesives up when you want to change or remove it? I would like to do this temporarily but depending on how the removal is I don’t want my husband unhappy lol. I love this though.

  3. NICE job Vanessa you gave me so many ideas for my laundry room thank you..

  4. Amazing job. Love it.

  5. It came out gorgeous but when you wash the floor is the contact paper holding up good?

  6. This is a fabulous technique since there's no ventilation – I can use this approach in my own laundry room which has no windows! 💕

  7. wow, great transformation!

  8. You're a genius. TAke a challenge and solve it

  9. You're a genius. TAke a challenge and solve it

  10. Nice job. Thanks for sharing.

  11. buetiful job 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  12. Great transformation. Love it .

  13. I wish I had a laundry room to decorate, even if it was only large enough for just the machines. You did a wonderful job, but in future videos, please, please, please don't apologize for anything–we (your viewers) don't care what you're wearing, or whether the Contact Paper is wrinkle free, we just very much appreciate all the great ideas you've given.
    Also, you have a very pleasant voice, and a gentle way of speaking, and that made it easy to watch and listen (there are certain videos "out there" in YT land that I simply cannot listen to!)

  14. Бред какой-то. Полы бумажные, плинтуса скотчем заляпала))))

  15. I remember the joys of living in a cinder block house. They are so hard to decorate! YOU my friend and a beautiful job and I LOVE the contact paper on the walls. So creative!

  16. This is SO impressive, and looks amazing ! You've inspired me to do mine, now ! Can't wait to use some of your tips, thanks sooooo much !!!!!

  17. Very nice outcome the color scheme was nice

  18. ❤️ very very nice!!! Do you sell those cute stickers?

  19. Very cute! I've been looking for inexpensive basement makeovers. My walls are concrete block also, but they're uneven. I don't think contact paper will work for me, but your video is helping me think outside the box. I'm really curious about the floor, though. Ours is made of cement. Painted gray at some point, but chipping everywhere. Must be clay, or something similar, underneath. When I mop, everything smears red. I'm seriously fed up. Could contact paper be my saving grace??? Maybe!!! Curious, how do you clean it once it's down? How easily does it scratch? Resistance to detergent, bleach, etc.? I have so many questions! 😛 Our home is 100+ yrs old and needs A LOT of TLC. All trim in the kitchen painted pepto pink. Must be, at least, 10 layers deep. Blech!!! Unrelated, but if anyone has suggestions for updating vintage, metal (stainless steel, I think?) kitchen cabinets, I'd be forever grateful. Good condition, but those babies are NOT coming off the wall. Handles are a tricky size to replace, too. Luckily, rust is minimal. Considering epoxy, but it's pricey. Though, rust-prooding, priming, painting, etc. may be just as costly. I just don't know what to do with them. 🤔 Still figuring out how to remove the pink, floral contact paper inside the drawers/cabinets. It won't budge! ….and don't even get me started on the bathroom. Cracked tile floor to ceiling. 😖 The joys of renovating old homes…..on a shoestring. You did a great job on this!

  20. Awesome job!

  21. I absolutely love this!! New sub!! And I'll be rewatching this to take notes. lol Awesome job and great filming while explaining.

  22. Nice Job. Great improvement.

  23. This makeover is SPECTACULAR! So much thought and effort went into it. I would never have thought to put contact paper on the walls but your idea makes the room so pleasant to look at and, I assume, it makes doing laundry just a little less of a chore. This is the BEST room makeover I have ever seen given the fact that it is in a basement. BRAVA to you!

  24. Wow! Great ideas and fantastic transformation! Looks so wonderful! Enjoy ❤️

  25. Really good. Great job

  26. See, now THIS is the kind of makeover I can afford to do, have the time to do, and have done simular to before!

  27. this came out great! Southern charm

  28. Very interesting! Never thought of using contact paper to do walls and floors! What a wonderful idea!

  29. this is amazing

  30. Wow this looks awesome

  31. Beautiful 😊👍🏽💛💐!! You did an awesome job!!! I like the pattern. The floor is my favorite!😊

  32. Nice job! Love the colors!


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