Basement Renovation

Basement Rework – Section 4 – Building Floating Cabinets

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The following step in the basement job is creating the floating shelves. In this woodworking challenge I demonstrate you how I set up the cabinets that I have been creating from the previous glue lam beams. The bottom shelf that I initially mounted is a wider shelf that will be the leading of a row of drawers. Previously mentioned the base shelf I have 4 narrower shelves that will be on the main part of the new basement wall. As I was making the new wall, I realized I could make these shelves float by bolting them from driving and via the wall as an alternative of owning to do a floating shelf bracket that is normally employed on an present wall. This allowed me to straighten the wall out with the structure of the shelves as the biggest pieces of construction in the technique are the shelves them selves.

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