Bathroom Remodeling

How to Change A Bathtub (Stage By Action)

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In this movie, you can study how to exchange and install a new bathtub in your rest room.

You’ll discover how to remove an outdated bathtub, how to pick a new bathtub, and how to set up a new alcove bathtub. You can also find out all about bathtub plumbing.

1st, I will present you specifically how to clear away your old bathtub and disconnect the drain and plumbing.

Then, I am going to exhibit you how to stage the flooring and prep the floor for a new bathtub so you have a stage and flat area to support the tub.

Then, I’ll exhibit you how to build the bathtub drain assembly and connect it to the tub.

And lastly, you may study precisely how to install the tub, hook up the plumbing, seal the drain with silicone drain sealant, and secure the tub with the wall with bathtub screws.



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