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How to Set up a Freestanding Tub

In this video, house renovation brothers Dave and Loaded display you how to set up a freestanding tub. We also involve how to put in a freestanding tub faucet – also known as a tub filler. Just before the job of mounting the freestanding tub can start, the tub faucet ought to be put in as it is generally installed among the tub and wall.
To set up freestanding tub, total the pursuing steps.
1. locate or put in plumbing supply lines and drain “y” connection
2. Set up the tub filler and link to the provide traces prior to finishing the flooring.
3. complete flooring leaving an open up cavity more than which the freestanding tub will be positioned.
4. hook up the tub drain to the drain strains.
5. exam for leaks
6. utilize silicone to the tub base and / or tub ft
7. put the tub and enable silicone to dry.

The freestanding tub or its cousin, the slipper tub, add visible impression to what normally is a useful room. If you are looking to update your learn lavatory, installing a freestanding tub can go a long way toward producing that take place.

Recognizing how to deal with a sliding glass door indicates preserving a great deal of dollars. It is simple and affordable. It may possibly be as quick as changing the rollers on which the sliding doorway rides. Typical problems with a sticking sliding glass door reside with a broken monitor or a observe clogged with debris, or damaged rollers. If a swift cleaning of the keep track of does not enable, then it is really time to look at the rollers. To do this, stick to this video and you’ll see how straightforward it is to remove the door and the rollers.
A sliding glass doorway can be eliminated by taking away the stops and doorway guard. Then the sliding doorway can be lifted up and out to expose the rollers on the base of the doorway. The rollers in shape into mortised pockets. The rollers can be pried out and inspected.
If you will need a new roller, purchase one up from Amazon and in a pair of days you’ll have what you have to have to get your sliding glass doorway again into shape.
Which is it, hope this can help!

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  1. 6:00 – You have made an ‘s-trap’. This is wrong – it could siphon the water out of the trap. I’ve never tried a flex drain connection, but I’ve read that most plumbers will not install them as they hold dirt… Why do you have shut off valves under the tub/floor where you will never be able to use them?

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  7. Not to be negative just here to help people watching learn. You are going to have issues with that flexible pipe running uphill. Tub will drain slower and leave water in the line after it drains. I know it’s harder and takes more planning , but you should always use hard pvc pipe that’s slopes downhill and not flexible line.

  8. Okay you’re making me cringe, take your teflon tape and wrap it around a pencil first. Then you won’t have that problem.

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