Basement Renovation

How To Set up Electrical From Start off to Complete !! Basement Renovation (Diy)

This video clip displays how I put in electrical from start out to complete, phase by action from rough electrical to trim electrical during my basement shop renovation. You can do it on your own like i did, with a tiny support. This was a Electrical installation in the basement, which now is my operate store.
The electrical installation process was a small demanding for me considering the fact that Iā€™m terrified of electrical power, but to get the store finished I had to defeat my fears and get it completed. I did have some help with this from my father and my electrician Frankie. I hope you guys discover one thing from this video and please really don’t be reluctant to ask if you have any concerns. Past point make confident you pull a electrical permit and test your neighborhood codes. Each and every metropolis will be distinctive and what I did may not be code in your town.

Also underneath are some hyperlinks to products and some tools I applied on this build. Pleased Developing

Klein Conduit Reamer
Bosch Reciprocating Observed
Anti-Brief Bushings

My Preferred Applications
Bosch Drill and Influence Combo
Bosch GCM12SD Miter Noticed
Festool Domino DF500
Dewalt Planer DW735X
Bosch 5ā€ Orbital Sander
Bosch 6ā€ Orbital Sander
Bosch Effect Driver
Dado Stack
Desk Observed Multi Goal Blade
Combo Blade
Dust Collector
Favored Chisels
Utility Knife
Digicam Equipment
Canon 80D Package
Favourite Lens 24mm 1.4
Nifty Fifty
Light-weight Ring
Shotgun Mic
Lav Mic

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  1. Must have some crazy codes there for all that conduit.

  2. My eyes…. I might be mistaken but.. notching joists to install conduit effects structural integrity .. conduit work itself could be way better .. I didn't see any ground wire in the conduit .. cable connectors you used are mostly for romex, not mc .. outlet is not self grounded and has no ground tale .. no one uses PPE even working in live panel

  3. didn't see bare metal wire in that outlet for ground

  4. I though notching your joists was trouble. 2" from edge put a hole, protects the integrity of the joist.

  5. great video sir

  6. Nice video, only question I have was were was the ground for the outlet you installed? Lucky for me in Canada no conduit is needed. That was not pleasant at all.

  7. Nice Job. Did you use conduit for insurance purposes? easier to pull the wire through? or just in case the basement floods?

  8. Conduit sucks! You didn't even do any box offsets or saddles!šŸ˜“

  9. 4:30 Wait….those look almost like lever wire nuts. I can't tell because it's not very close but, is that what those are? Or maybe not lever nuts but like…push in wire splicing nuts or something. Ehh…what exactly are those?

  10. Is conduit for interior walls code where you are? because if it is, that's the craziest thing ive ever heard. I actually do not believe it to be honest. The pigtails for the outlets was also a weird thing to do but not as bad as you forgetting to ground it. Lastly the notches in the stud totally screws the integrity of your walls now, they looked like 2 by 4 walls too which makes it even worse.

  11. you don need conduiet

  12. Funny, Comhar is a company in philadelphia that gives mental health services to crazy people. Good video!

  13. Dude this is a great video…… where are all of your subscribers??!!

  14. Is there a reason you used the metal covered wire instead of just regular wire? Is it just personal preference? I'm clueless but I'm trying to do this at some point.

  15. Nice to see your Dad (The Boss) there to give you a hand! Great idea to have a certified electrician there to inspect your work, just as a second set of eyes. I'm sure you're glad you decided not to install the drywall. We made the same decision to contract that out, and absolutely no regrets. It saved us so much time and work, it was well worth the money.

  16. Which certifications are need for inspector confirmation? (Like WHMA-A-620 , OSHA , NFPA 70E)

  17. Did you know that cutting into the edge of the joists reduces the load value of that joist? Please be careful. If you have a 2×12 and you cut that notch two inches it is as if you now have a 2×10 for a joist. Same goes for the studs also.


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