Basement Waterproofing: Exterior French Drain or Inner Drainage Program? | Island Basement Techniques

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There is a huge discussion in the waterproofing industry about the suitable way to repair wet basement problems — and this debate is certain to confuse lots of property owners. That is the scenario with this buyer in Campbell River, BC.

No a person in Vancouver Island can reply this question better than Chris, whose enterprise Island Basement Systems has been serving the area for more than 20 yrs, and in fact supplies both of those devices. Chris points out that every dwelling is diverse, so the choice will rely upon a extensive inspection of the property.

Exterior waterproofing is a really disruptive, time consuming and at times pretty high priced process, due to the fact it entails digging out the overall basis up to the footing and totally exchange the overall perimeter drain.

Most moist basement issues can be solved with the interior drainage strategy. The WaterGuard interior perimeter drainage program mounted by Island Basement Systems sits on top of the footing. It is set up by jack hammering a few inches of the basement flooring, alongside the interior perimeter. It is an economical method that installs more rapidly and with less disruption, and is warrantied to do the job for the existence of the structure.

“The very first time I set up this WaterGuard units was in 1994, and in fact all my careers from 1994 are nevertheless dry because it is effective so well! It is less expensive we place a better guarantee on it, it is fewer disruption and lasts for the life of the home. You are going to have a dry basement endlessly. It can be good!” — concludes Chris.


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