Bathroom Remodeling

Grasp shower transforming style and design thoughts

Manufacturer new and terrific video!!!: “How to set up a rest room ”
Bogs are just one of the most utilized sites in a residence, the right distribution of the things make them a incredibly pleasant put to be specifically the showers. by owning a proper dimension you can include some options that will make it desirable. preventing excessive sum of partitions and frames the shower will give you the perception of space within. I hope this movie can give you an strategy of how to make yours. Thank you for observing and remember to share, like and subscribe.



  1. This guy is good!!!

  2. What did you do with the area where the tub was? How much for just the remodel without the bathroom flooring (just shower and tub remodel)

  3. How much would you say this renovation cost ? (Shower and tub)

  4. where is the video with the shower installation? How come you didnt use any U channel to secure the glass and stop water leaking out?

  5. You need a mic

  6. hi


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