Kitchen Cabinet

23 Kitchen area Storage Suggestions

#1. Floating Shelves for Added Space

#2. Spice Racks Belong on the Wall

#3. Cling Your Pots and Pans

#4. Get a Rolling Kitchen area Cart

#5. Magnetic Strip For Your Knives

#6. Fold Up Kitchen Desk

#7. A Lazy Susan Is not Just for Sharing

#8. Slim Rolling Cart In Concerning Your Fridge and Wall

#10. Put in a Wall Mounted Sink Caddy

#11. Mount The Dish Rack

#15. Put Magnetic Strips on Your Fridge

#16. Use The Magnetic Strip For Your Spices

#18. Add Much more Shelving Area With Cabinets in Your Cupboard

#19. Arrange Your Plastic Containers to Suit A lot more

#20. Make Use of the Pretend Drawer

#22. Location Shoe Organizers In just Your Cupboard Doorways

#23. Floating Wine Rack Provides a Wonderful Screen



  1. Great ideas!!!

  2. Enjoyed the ideas, am thinking of putting high shelving up near the ceiling and book cases around the door so thank you for your great ideas

  3. There are some good ideas but I dont think mounting a dish rack near an outlet is a good idea.

  4. Great 😊

  5. Great ideas but pasta is pronounced “pahstah” with an ‘ah’ sound.

  6. Gosh we need so many things…but know I want to hide everything know ,I m alone ,stop preparing food at home .I enjoy so much ,minimalism .I like ur ideas why I m watching I can use one .Good Day ,everyBody

  7. My kitchen is still too small for most of the crap you showed. I need real solutions

  8. GREAT ideas!!!

  9. 💗

  10. I did #18 at my place and it’s a game changer!! I want to try the magnetic stripes on the fridge to store spices, thanks for this idea. I personally didn’t like the extra shelves-idea, because the apartment can look extremely cramped with extra shelves underneath the ceiling (imho). Also hanging pots, pans etc. from the ceiling wouldn’t work in our kitchen as the ventilation is pretty bad and utensils less used would get tacky from the cooking steams.

  11. Awesome….

  12. I refuse to put my knives on the wall with my grandchildren coming to my apartment a lot.


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