Bathroom Remodeling

How to Transform Bathtub Tub To Shower | Dwelling Renovation Strategies

In this video clip Seashore Tile will share with you some easy but crucial guidelines and instruments that you will will need to transform your outdated bathtub into a new lovely shower. Study from first-hand expertise on the applications you will need to demo your bathroom in preparing for reworking your new space.

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The equipment that we used in this online video will support you a great deal with any tile set up:

Peygran Tile Leveling Program

Sigma Tile Cutter

Dewalt Significant-Duty 10-inch Moist Tile Saw

Dewalt Soaked/Dry Masonry Saw

Dewalt Angle Grinder

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  1. Very nice job!!! How much cost a job like this?? Thanks.

  2. Sheetrock screws on Durock?

  3. you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground

  4. This time I will use Woodprix instructions to make it myself 🙂


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