Basement Renovation

Staircase remodel timelapse filmed with 4k go pro

In this task we.
1) Take out non permanent treads/risers
2) set up new treads/risers
3) install skirtboards
4) put in treadcaps
The treads will be completed off with laminate flooring, The risers/skirtboards will be painted



  1. Looking at to do my stairs you guys gave me a great idea I'm going to go to the same🤔

  2. stunning

  3. Josh I was looking to open up the bottom 1/3 of a closed staircase. That is a gypsum half-wall Between 1st and 2nd floors, similar to your video except stairs are straight with no dog leg. I wanted to trim down the risers and then sister some more risers for added strength. Or do I just take down the half walls and leave the stringers closed? Thanks for any insight you could give.

  4. great time lapse and great work!


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