Bathroom Remodeling

20 Small Condominium Remodeling & layout ideas

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if you observe thoroughly, this movie will response of your decorating on a price range questions.
:22| 20. Repaint the Walls

:58| 19. Swap your Old Home furniture
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1:30| 18. Just Clean the Apartment

2:00| 17. Split Policies

2:32| 16. Rearrange Anything
Home furnishings Arrangement in Residential spaces

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3:55| 15. Rustic is the New Present day

4:26| 14. Install New Windows

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4:49| 13. Incorporate Photographs and Art
Photo body studio speedy overview demo
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5:24| 12. Go for Minimalism

5:46| 11. Girly Transforming

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6:17| 10. Insert Lifestyle
Window gardening – Fenstergärten

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7:00| 9. White and Stylish Theme

7:27| 8. Convey some Pleasure

7:46| 7. Use Wallpaper

8:06| 6. Remake Previous Stuff into Decoration

8:33| 5. Obtain Antiques

8:58| 4. Build Shelves

9:18| 3. Combine and Match

9:45| 2. Modernize the Electronics and Appliances

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10:45| 1. Connect with the Professionals

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  1. From a 1711 square footage home to a small child's room size with my husband is 🙄😫😯😥!!! I have yet to find a great solution for my cramped room. I already got rid of SO many things and what I kept are important to me. Ugh! I need help.

  2. Wow what a great video. Thanks I got some great ideas for my old apartment. Love this channel 😎

  3. white stuff looks great until you see they are not compatable with shedding pet. Oh dear, you'll be cleaning constantly. I have colored cushions that don't show so much. But, thanks for the video.

  4. While I watched this video, I decided I needed a headboard of some sort for my bed, and because I was watching interior decor ideas, I was inspired. I used a long ottoman I had propped on a shelved table and boom, temporary headboard, plus great storage inside the ottoman for sheets and stuff I use when around my bed at night and the top I used to display a candle and other necessities… ended up cleaning my room and making a corner dedicated to coffee time, playing the guitar and meditation. I feel so good. My room looks and smells fresh. I’m so satisfied. Thanks for the vids. Xoxo

  5. hi, i loved your video. i hope you can check for similar video like you do in my channel.

    thanks for those help video!

  6. I recognize that voice. "Hi Aluxers" remember?

  7. those 'eco' lightbulbd don't last more than the old fashioned ones. not in my place. they burn every month or 2, while the incandescent ones last more than 3 months and cost 90% less than the 'eco' ones. pffft. great 'savings' there.
    to make the eco ones last more,we need an updated electric system and wires. this building was finished back in the 1990s,when we had none of this 'eco' BS.

  8. You cannot add new windows to your Apt. It's never allowed.

  9. I really liked the section with all the measurements, giving us an idea of how far from a wall objects should be, etc. Very helpful.

  10. Basically with this advice it would simply be cheaper and easier to move.
    This video wasn't helpful at all.

  11. I love these type of videos. Thank you!!!


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