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See how Tub Fitter can remodel your tub in as minimal as one day!



  1. For the low price of $5000 to $6000 you get vinyl (or as you and I know it as “plastic”) tub and walls, held on by what they call “industrial adhesive” (you and I know it as double sided tape), this goes on top of your existing worn out and moldy walls and tub.
    Scam alert 🚨

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  3. My problem is they are covering up all the problems

  4. That "shower" bath fitter will cost around 7,000 dollars.

  5. I'm sorry, but this stuff is pure junk… I've seen these things fail more then 2 handful of times. Probably less then handyman tile jobs I've redone but still this stuff is NOT God's gift to earth…
    In my opinion, looks cheap, once it scuffs, it attracts dirt just like any other material and also, keep in mind, people that do this, are covering up decade or more worth of gunk . Disgusting! Just gross.
    Do yourself a favor and remodel your bathroom like a normal person would.

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