Waterproofing Exterior Wall Excavation How To Dig Through Gravel

Just one of the hardest factors to dig down by is gravel and roots. When excavating an exterior wall to install footer drain pipe and seal the basis with Liquid rubber. Video has a few strategies to make this less difficult.

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  1. How are you getting the liquid rubber to stick to the brick?

  2. Your patience and, "stick to it-tiveness" rocks!
    I don't even remember anymore how I found your Channel. I just know that even though I'm probably never going to actually do any kind of work you show in these videos, there's something in general about you that is good for anyone's spirit.
    Your motivation and encouragement go far beyond the scope of these videos.
    Carry on Chuck! 🙂

  3. How much does it hinder the water collection with the over-poured concrete necessitating you putting the perforated pipe so much further away from the foundation?


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