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Do you want to remove your old bathtub and want to install a new bathtub? Looking for the step by step processes? This video will teach you how to install a bathtub.

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Tools Needed –

Adjustable Wrench
Pry bar
Slip-joint pliers
Safety glasses
Shower stem socket wrench
Keyhole saw


**install bathtub drain**
**install bathtub faucet**
**install bathtub surround**
**install bathtub on concrete floor**
**install bathtub drain and overflow**
**install bathtub door**
**install bathtub spout**
**install bathtub liner**
**install bathtub tile**
**install bathtub stopper**
**how to install bathtub glass door**
**how to install bathtub fixtures**
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**how to install bathtub wall surround**
**how to install bathtub faucet**
**how to install bathtub drain**
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**how to install bathtub plumbing**
**how to install bathtub wall**
**remove and install bathtub**

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  2. All good but I would hard pipe it instead of using tubular.

  3. green board and paint!?! Nobody should follow that. It's stupid and against code.

  4. Step 1 buy a quality drain not a crap under sink style drain.

  5. Love how the floor joist is cut in half with no mention. Heaviest thing in the house when it’s full of water & a fat guy. Don’t be shocked when you hear cracking

  6. thanks

  7. when connecting the pipes after placing the tub in are you doing that through an access wall ?

  8. "Your video's are all so simple & helpful thank you so much! You truly all are so awesome 100%! Oh yeah P.S. Please keep up the good work!" (:

  9. No Tile?

  10. 3:44 lol hacked the fuck out of that joist

  11. Should not call this Install because it is a replace, and what if the tub i acrylic.

  12. Green board is a bad choice, I had wet moldy greenboard from the 70s behind my tub wall while taking it down this week.

  13. Some good tips, thanks for sharing.

  14. How do you install the drain on a concrete floor

  15. Correct information, except the walls should be cement board, and waterproofed, not green board.

  16. Thanks for sharing. I have a Duravit tub and from the floor it measures 45 centimeters at the drain end and 41 centimeters at the head end. Do you know how to frame this uneven tub?

  17. don't cut floor joist   move tub to fit between

  18. Well done, thanks!


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