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How to Install a Bathtub Step by Step Installation Process – Plumbers Lab

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Do you want to remove your old bathtub and want to install a new bathtub? Looking for the step by step processes? This video will teach you how to install a bathtub.

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Tools Needed –

Adjustable Wrench
Pry bar
Slip-joint pliers
Safety glasses
Shower stem socket wrench
Keyhole saw


**install bathtub drain**
**install bathtub faucet**
**install bathtub surround**
**install bathtub on concrete floor**
**install bathtub drain and overflow**
**install bathtub door**
**install bathtub spout**
**install bathtub liner**
**install bathtub tile**
**install bathtub stopper**
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**how to install bathtub wall**
**remove and install bathtub**

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