Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodel l Tub to Shower l Before and After l Pictures l DIY

This is a bathroom remodel changing the tub to a shower, showing before and after pictures of this simple DIY project that you can do.

Scope of this project:
Remove tub, old surround tile and drywall. Remove and replace old plumbing to accommodate new fixtures and drain. Remove or repair and replace bad wood. Install Wedi waterproof system, nitch, curb and corner bench seat. Tile shower area, bathroom floor and baseboard. Install Moen shower valve, trim kit and fixtures. Install sliding glass door.

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Here is the full playlist for videos on how to remodel a bathroom:

Material Used:
Wedi Waterproof System
All tile selections, motor and grout were from the Tile Shop
Moen valve, trim kit and fixtures



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