External Basement Waterproofing, New-Build

This video outlines an external basement waterproofing solution to a new-build structure, piled construction and podium deck. The waterproofing solutions include:

– Installation of secant/contiguous piles to form basement
– Newton PolyProof/BentoProof water bar installed to top of piled construction
– Newton 104 Crystalline slurry applied to pile cap
– Newton 403 HydroBond applied to horizontal and vertical planes
– Newton SwellMastic and Newton Waterbar installed to concrete joints
– Reinforced concrete walls shuttered and poured
– Hydrobond-LM spray membrane applied to joints and external RC elevation
– Newton Water Bar applied to top of pile cap
– Newton Liquid Vapour Barrier installed followed by reinforcement mesh
– Newton Acriflex Winter applied to form an integral waterproof layer

For any further information about basement waterproofing for new-build and existing structures, or for a list of Newton Specialist Basement Contractors (NSBC) in your area, please visit:

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