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How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets the Easy Way (in 2 days)

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Wondering how to paint kitchen cabinets the easy way that will get you professional-looking results that LAST? This DIY painting kitchen cabinets tutorial is what you have been waiting for.

MATERIALS NEEDED (contains my affiliate links):

*T.S.P. (trisodium phosphate):
* Fusion Mineral Paint: — We used (3) 50 mL containers of Coal Black for the lower cabinets and (1) 50 mL container of Raw Silk for the upper cabinets.
* Sandpaper and electric sander (optional–you can hand sand if you don’t have an electric sander)
* Paint brushes, including a small detail brush
* Small foam paint roller kit:
* Fusion Mineral Paint Tough Coat: — We used the matte finish, but it also comes in gloss. One container should be plenty.
* Hemp Oil: (one container should be plenty)
* Old t-shirts or rags

Steps for Painting Kitchen Cabinets the Easy Way

A few notes before we dive in. We did not pack up a single thing in Thea’s kitchen, nor did we remove any of the cabinet doors or drawers. If you have hidden hinges (like Thea) OR do not want to paint or change your existing hinges, I highly recommend that you leave the doors and drawers on. This project moved SO QUICKLY by leaving everything in place, and the results were perfect.

Step 1

Clean your cabinets using T.S.P. Just follow the instructions on the bottle. It’s super easy and shouldn’t take you more than an hour. It will help remove any grease and grime from your cabinets

Step 2

Next, you are going to quickly and lightly sand the surfaces of your cabinet drawers and doors. The sanding we did took around 30 minutes–it was faster than the cleaning. You do not need to sand the existing finish off! You just need to rough the surface up and that is quick and easy to do! Do not make this step harder than it is. When you are done, be sure to wipe all the dust off the cabinets.

Step 3

You are ready to paint! The Fusion Mineral Paint is easy to work with–it may be a bit thinner/runnier than some paints you’ve used, but the coverage is EXCELLENT. There are minimal (if any) brush strokes. It’s incredible. We got the first coat on the upper and lower cabinets done in a few hours. We used a small foam roller for the flat surfaces and a brush to get in the ridges created by the beadboard and raised panels. We completed the entire first coat and most of the second coat in one day. We had some additional cabinets to second coat on day 2.

Step 4

Once you have full coverage (which should require no more than 2 coats!), allow the paint to dry.

Step 5

Once the paint is fully dry, you are ready to give the paint a bit of protection with either a topcoat or hemp oil. We used Fusion Mineral Paint Tough Coat on the upper Raw Silk cabinets. But that product can leave a bit of a milky haze on dark colors. So we wound up using hemp oil on all of the black cabinetry (after making a mistake with another product–we should have just started with the hemp oil, trust me). Both products go on very quickly and easy. You just wipe them on with a rag or paintbrush and wipe off the excess after the recommended amount of time.

Step 6

Once your topcoat of choice dries, you can replace your cabinet hardware.


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