Exterior Waterproofing – Clay Soil, DIY, Gravel is the Key

Crawl Space, Basement or Slab, when waterproofing there are 3 things that you must do. 1st, excavate to below the top of footer and clean. If you are not at the top of the footer, water will continue to cause problems.

2nd, Apply sealant to the seam and wall. We use BlackJack #57.

3rd, Gravel under your pipe, Holes of pipe POINT DOWN, more gravel over top and cover footer. Then discharge Downhill (gravity) or use a sump pump to discharge to daylight.

If you do these 3 things, you will solve your water problem.

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How to waterproof your crawl space, basement or slab foundation.
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  1. The Pipe? Hello?

  2. The video didn't show the laying of the pipe. I'm a newbie and would like to know if you do a base layer of gravel, then the pipe, then fill in the gravel to just over the pipe? Then cover with soil? Also, I didn't see what sort of pipe was used. I'm assuming one that has a grate/grid on it. Again, being a newbie, does the grate/grid go up toward the sky or down toward the ground? Thanks for your help with this.

  3. you forgot to show where you placed the perforated pipe ? you only showed the gravel on top of the pipe. did you put the pipe on top of the footer or in the small trench beside the footer ?

  4. What is the model of this trencher?

  5. Bless u Brother and THANK U 4 UR Videos im Learning a lot . Will be doing my own foundation waterproofing Thanks 2 U

  6. Liquid rubber?🤔 u mean HLM 5000?

  7. Shouldn't the builder seal the seam between the footer and brick?

  8. Can you explain why you install perimeter drains along the footer rather than at least 1 foot away from the footer? I've been told that building code requires drains to be away from the footer for structural reasons.

  9. Did you use both types of liquid rubber to seal the footer or just the one with fiber glass?

  10. Hey Chuck another great footer pipe install ! Luv to watch what you do. I was wondering what do you think about putting a 45° hydraulic ciment/concrete down where the wall meets the footer and then applying your sealer. Do you think it might help shed surface/rain water towards the footer? especially during heavy down pours. Just an idea not a suggestion. Keep up the great (hard) work .


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