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Simple Medicine Cabinet & Bath Remodeling Tips

Touch latch on Medicine Cabinet See what details Webber + Studio Architecture and Interior Designer Jennifer Greer Hartman used to …



  1. Who wants a vanity cabinet with legs?? Who are these people???!

  2. MDF in a bathroom….. I thought you were better than that (:

  3. How big is the medicine cabinet?

  4. Why would you have an outlet in the medicine cabinet? If you were using something electric over the sink (not even sure if that's code in my city), seems like you'd want to look in the mirror while doing so–but the cord would prevent the mirror from closing.

  5. What are you using to waterproof your showers?

  6. do you have a link for us DIY guys for doing the medicine cabinet?  That technique would seem to me to be ideal for secret compartment construction with various sizes of plaques or picture frames or even mirrors, like in a bedroom.  I guess that mostly what I need is some kind of link to the hinge detail and latch detail. 

    Best Regards,
    Jim Smith
    On the banks of the Suwannee River over here in North Florida

  7. Matt, When using MDF for cabinet doors and drawer fronts, do you have a edge treatment or process for the end grain before finishing? I've struggled with it. Thanks, your videos are always very helpful.

  8. wow that is a nice medicine cabinet.


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